Chin Augmentation

Advanced Dermal Fillers

The latest generation of dermal fillers have opened up new treatment areas where outstanding facial reshaping results can be achieved without the cost or inconvenience of surgery, with the benefit of a natural finished look.

Chin Augmentation

The chin is an area where facial reshaping can make a dramatic difference.

Chin augmentation using long-lasting advanced dermal fillers has a series of potential benefits:

  • Redressing the balance of the face – A small chin can disrupt the harmony of features. It can make the nose appear big and the face look small. Subtly boosting the chin brings features into better balance for a more attractive look
  • Create better definition – A stronger chin helps to assert the jawline and looks ‘stronger’ and more defined.
  • Slimming – A small chin lacks projection and structure and can therefore appear to harbour fat. Augmenting the chin can have the surprising effect of smoothing out double chins by creating a better overall shape

Improving the chin is a task which previously required surgical implants. These were notoriously problematic, with the risk of the implants migrating/moving/slipping and rates of infection also a concern.

Dermal fillers is a safe and fast treatment which requires no downtime/recovery and shows instant results.


Before and After Results

Treatment carried out by Dr John Quinn. Photos taken at Quinn Clinics using the 3D camera.

“I just wanted to give a feedback:

“I had chin filler today and I’m so happy with the result that I need to tell everybody how good John is.

“I have had this double chin problem and did not want to have an invasive chin implant surgery so I asked him during my consultation and he advised to try filler. I now have a chin 🙂 yes my jawline looks fantastic! I feel more confident.

“Thank you so much Quinn Clinics, the entire team there is amazing! John is a tip top doctor and he is so passionate of what he does and I recommend him to anybody that want to look good and natural!”

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