Sublative™ Fractional Radio Frequency

Introducing Candela eTwo

eTwoThe new eTwo combines two different uses of the latest skin treatment technologies for comprehensive facial rejuvenation.


  • Fractionated bi-polar radio frequency technology
  • Heat energy is applied into the upper dermis
  • Boosts collagen and elastin in the skin for more youthful skin texture
  • Mild to moderate wrinkles are reduced and skin pigmentation issues are improved
  • Acne scarring can also be improved

Dr John Quinn says:

I’ve been looking for a treatment for wrinkles around the eye area for some time and have finally chosen the eTwo.

I had the procedure myself and was very impressed!

The procedure is also helpful for treating laxity of the neck

Treatment Demonstration Video

Before & After Photos

before etwo laser after etwo laser

before etwo eye rejuvenation after etwo eye rejuvenation

before stretch marks sublative after stretch marks sublative

Treatment for Acne Scarring and Rosacea

Combination of Sublative Fractional Radiofrequency with IPL

Rosacea IPL Radiofrequency

Acne IPL Radiofrequency

How it Works: Video

How Does it Compare

Injectable treatments such as botox and fillers are highly effective at treating crow’s feet but are less effective for under eye wrinkles and have no effect on tightening the upper eyelid.

Modern technology such as IPL and laser are excellent options for improving the skin, but of limited use in the delicate eye area.

eTwo is a non-invasive procedure requiring no injections or scalpels.

  • Most patients can return to home or work straightaway
  • Just expect some pinkness to the skin (like a sunburn), which will settle within 24 hours
  • Safe technology
  • Proven results
  • Works in harmony with your body’s own skin healing processes
  • See also Sublime™ treatment 



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