Dermal Filler Reviews

Theresa – Botox and Fillers Client for Over 10 years

“I keep coming back to see John because he’s just simply the best”

“Quite a lot of people that will come here through my recommendations because he’s very trustworthy. I think a lot of people are concerned that they’re going to look plastic, that they’re going to look false but John concentrates on a very natural look to enhance what you’ve got… he’ll always make sure that you look beautiful.”

“They make you feel special… They’re not just somebody I come to visit to make you feel good but they’re very very good friends as well and that’s what happens when you come here.”



From a Botox and Fillers Regular Patient

“I’m 46 years old, and have been going to see Dr. John Quinn over the last five years.

“I can honestly say that he is the best cosmetic doctor I have visited. I have always been worried about looking over-botoxed, or filled, but at the same time, I’ve badly needed treatments.

“Dr Quinn is superb – he can see what you need, but you never look “fixed”, or treated.  He takes years off you, but no-one will really notice- you just look younger and fresher, because his treatments are subtle but effective. He is also a gentleman, his manner is friendly and considerate, and he is really skilled at sorting out problem areas.

“I have had treatments for wrinkles, lip lines, pebbly skin on my chin and also I’ve had fillers to my lips and cheeks, and every time I’ve been to Dr. Quinn, I can honestly say I have been delighted with the results.

“There is nothing scarier than trying to decide who to let fix your face, so please accept my honest and unbiased advice that Dr. Quinn is what we all want – someone who will be professional, careful, trustworthy, honest about what needs doing, and very very good at doing it.

“There are lots of horror stories out there, I’ve read plenty of them, but no matter where I travel, I go to see Dr. Quinn, and I feel very safe and secure, and also I know he can work the magic without any worries.

“I have absolutely no connection with this clinic, other than a constant positive experience every time I go. If you’re thinking about getting some procedures, and you want top-notch, professional attention, this is where to go.”

Carry’s Botox, Fillers and Lip Enhancement

“Dr Q – Genius!


“I visited Quinn Clinics because a friend referred me. I wanted to get some nose to mouth lines done, as well as lip enhancement and botox. It had been a while since I had my lips enhanced and I wasn’t pleased with the results from the last person I had seen, so I was a little nervous at first but I had no reason to be with Dr Quinn.

“I could not be more thrilled with the results. Dr. Quinn’s results are outstanding, yet totally natural looking. John is very intuitive, a true aesthestician and he really looks at you before getting to work subtlely improving and enhancing your features. You come out of the clinic a more confident, fresher, better you.

“Dr Quinn is the best! He is also a very honest man. He spent a lot of time with me answering all my questions and informing me of my options and explaining the procedures. Dr Quinn is also very gentle and you feel relaxed whilst he gets to work.

“This is a very professional clinic with a great ambiance. The staff are wonderful, they are very caring, knowledgeable, personable and competent. I had a great experience and I have already recommended this place to my friends and family.

“You’ll be in good hands here! You just have to get used to the compliments when people tell you how great you look!”

Carry, Bath

Janine’s Dermal Fillers

“I found the Doctor and other staff very professional and friendly. Dr Jon Quinn is very knowledgeable, honest and experienced.”

“I had Juvederm filler in my lips and am very happy with the results.”

“I will definitely recommend Q clinics to friends.”

Review via WhatClinic

Juvederm Ultra Fillers

“I had my lips treated with Juvederm Ultra and some botox for my crows feet with Dr Quinn. My lips are amazing! It really didn’t hurt and I love the results. Some of my friends have had their lips done elsewhere and didn’t have nearly as good an experience as I had. The best in Bristol!”

Review via Google

Tired Mum’s Fillers

“I came to see you, very nervous to have a small amount of filler for nose to mouth lines (just to help you remember, tired Mum squeezing stress ball fast).

“I just wanted to say how impressed I was. Not just with the result but with your professionalism, expertise,  and clear honesty. I felt in very safe hands.

“I thought the clinic was really lovely and smart and you and Sue were great advertisements for what you do.

“I was worried about bruising, as I wanted to be discrete about the treatment I had, and and expecting some the next morning – but there was nothing there AT ALL. Apart from 2 tiny red dots. I was stunned.

“Thanks again for making a positive difference to how I feel about myself especially after 9 months of not much sleep and not much time for myself.

“I will definitely be back for more treatments, also I wouldn’t have chosen to go anywhere else in Bristol in the first place from researching online. I have already pointed my sister in your direction and made her promise 100% that she will not go to a beauty salon to get her frown line injected with Botox.”

Patient Survey Feedback

“Always a friendly welcome from Sharon and Sue ! I come more regularly for my Botox and fillers and wouldn’t go anywhere else ! My total trust is with Q clinics for aesthetic procedures”

Review via Patient Survey 2017.


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