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Acne Scarring

While active, acne can cause a great deal of distress for the sufferer, with angry, red looking skin and pustules.

With time and treatment, acne will often reduce or clear into adulthood.

However, even after the acne has cleared up, the scarring can remain, with characteristic pitted appearance.

Older and more severe scars can be particularly difficult to conceal.

Acne Scarring Treatment

Treatment for acne scarring is not generally available on the NHS. However, Aesthetic Doctors such as Quinn Clinics offer a number of treatments that could help.

Depending on the nature of scarring, a number of treatments may be offered. It is therefore important to have a consultation with an acne expert to identify the type of scars and recommend the most appropriate treatment.

  • “Boxcar”
    Scars tend to be squarer and resemble chicken pox scars. They tend to be found on the cheeks and temples. These respond better to medical grade chemical skin peels
  • “Rolling”
    Scars are wide and shallow, giving the skin a wave-like uneven appearance. These respond well to microdermabrasion, which improves the surface of the skin
  • “Hypertrophic”
    Scars are raised an lumpy and result from severe acne cysts or nodules. These may be treated with a combination of techniques.

Acne Scarring Laser Treatment

As featured on Embarrassing Bodies, patients have had good results using laser treatment on both acne and acne scars.

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