8-Point Face Lift

The 8-point face lift is a new variation on the non-surgical face lift, which has become very popular due to the effective yet natural-looking results that can be achieved.

While the non-surgical face lift uses dermal fillers to replenish lost volume and create a younger look, the 8-point face lift adds an extra dimension to the result by ‘lifting’ the facial tissues, helping the patient to look more youthful by addressing the fundamental downward shifts in face shape and loosening of structure which take place as we age.

The 8-point face lift concept is based on a technique of injecting dermal fillers into 8 specific ‘points’ which work in harmony to creating a rejuvenating ‘lift’. A surprisingly small amount of dermal filler is involved in achieving the result; rather the technique depends on the injector’s skill in identifying the 8 optimum injection points and then precisely administering dermal fillers, then massaging them into position for a smooth, even finish and a natural lift.

Advantages of 8-Point Face Lift

  • Creates a more youthful look
  • Fewer wrinkles and links
  • Lifting redefines facial structure – cheeks, jawline, mouth
  • Treats the whole face, not just one specific area, for a pleasing result
  • Flattering result, building on the face’s natural structure and profile
  • Lasts up to 2 years using advanced dermal filler products
  • Latest technique, only available with highly skilled doctors

Advantages of a ‘Non-Surgical’ Route

  • Cheaper – no hospital fees, no overnight stay
  • Fast – procedure takes place in our clinic in around an hour
  • Safer – no general anaesthetic, low risk of infection
  • Convenient – no need for time off work or lengthy recovery – return to normal activities straightaway
  • Natural – no surgical removal of skin
  • Reversible – although this is very very rare
5 year dermal filler results
5 years of fillers
long term dermal filler results

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