Non-Surgical Face Lift

The non-surgical face lift is an advanced cosmetic treatment which is designed to provide significant rejuvenation results without surgery.

The non-surgical face lift is also sometimes referred to as a ‘liquid face lift’ as it is based on use of dermal fillers. However, the way in which these fillers are used is designed to give a holistic benefit, rather than targeting a particular isolated area.

For example, dermal fillers can be used in a specific treatment, such as cheek enhancement; but in the non-surgical face lift, dermal fillers will be injected in multiple places.

This has a number of benefits:

1. Replenishing lost volume

Volume in the skin is lost as part of the ageing process, which can make the face appear hollow, gaunt or loose. Replenishing volume using dermal fillers gives a fuller and more youthful look to the face. The addition of volume also works in making the skin appear firmer, thicker and more resilient

2 Lifting

Strategic use of dermal filler can create a ‘lifting’ effect which at once creates a more youthful look. The tissues become higher and as a result the jawline and cheeks become more defined.

This is one of the most beneficial aspects of this treatment in terms of providing a good end result

3. Lines and wrinkles

The result of adding volume and lifting the skin is that lines and wrinkles are softened for much smoother looking skin.

Unlike a surgical face lift, which can result in a ‘wind tunnel’ effect if overdone, this looks entirely natural and fresh.

Bespoke Treatment

Every patient is different and the non-surgical face lift is a completely bespoke treatment designed to suit the individual, targeting the areas of most concern while working to ensure a harmonious result which leaves no area of the face looking neglected or over-treated. This is an art as much as a science, but Dr John Quinn has extensive expertise in providing customised treatment plans for effective anti-ageing treatments without surgery.

Treatment Combinations

Depending on the areas of concern, a tailor-made non-surgical face lift may include other treatments along with dermal fillers.

Treatments that may be suggested include:

5 year dermal filler results
5 years of fillers
long term dermal filler results

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