EMTONE Body Toning

EMTONE benefits

Advanced Cellulite Treatment

EMTONE® is a state of the art treatment which combines both thermal and mechanical energy to treat cellulite while improving skin tone and texture for smoother, more toned appearance with long-lasting results. 

This treatment is non-invasive, has no downtime, and requires no anaesthesia.


What results can I expect?

  • 59% Higher increase in collagen
  • 64% Higher increase in elastin
  • 44% Higher increase in thickness of dermis

Benefits of EMTONE

  • Smooths, tightens, and firms skin
  • Disrupts fat cells
  • Rejuvenate tissue + stimulate collagen
  • Scientifically proven results
  • Non-invasive – safe and painless with no downtime
  • Suitable for women and men
  • Ideal alongside other body shaping treatments, diet and exercise

What areas can EMTONE® treat?

  • Abdomen/stomach/tummy area
  • Arms/bingo wings
  • Buttocks/bum
  • Knees/thighs

As a non-surgical treatment, there is no anaesthetic, no overnight stay and no arduous recovery implications to consider.


How It Works

EMTONE is the first of its kind – a unique cellulite treatment that combines 2 technologies to combat the various causes of cellulite and dimpled skin:

  1. Radiofrequency (RF) – creates thermal energy, which warms the deep layers of the dermis. This stimulates natural skin rejuvenation and remodelling by stimulating production of collagen and elastin.
  2. Targeted pressure energy – works in harmony with radiofrequency to reduce the overall size of fat cells

The combination of cellulite reduction and skin tightening is extremely beneficial and is unique to EMTONE. 

Before & After EMTONE Treatment

EMTONE abs results

Photos show significant improvement to abs/stomach area with smoother, tighter skin.

EMTONE buttocks results

EMTONE treatment to the buttocks – a bum lift with reduction in cellulite. 

EMTONE arms results

EMTONE arm lift – skin is tighter and the appearance is rejuvenated. 

Combination Treatments

EMTONE is the ideal accompaniment to other body shaping procedures. We have chosen it so that we can recommend it alongside the following existing treatments:

  • EMSCULPT – body toning treatment that improves muscle as well as reducing excess fat
  • CoolSculpting – the well-known fat freezing procedure, available at our Redland clinic
  • Exilis – our Radiofrequency and Ultrasound combination treatment which works to tighten skin as well as further reduce fat

We always advise healthy eating and exercise; but when that’s not enough, our range of treatments can apply the latest technology to solving those localised trouble spots.


Will it work for me?

Anyone can benefit from EMTONE to tackle cellulite and tighten the skin.

It is suitable for all skin types and body types and there are no BMI restrictions.

How many sessions will I need?
We usually advise a course of 4 treatments for best results with ideally a couple each week.
How long does it take?
Each session takes around 30 minutes per area.
Will I need to carry on after my course of treatment?
Generally we recommend having a treatment every 3-6 months after the initial course of treatments, just to maintain the results you’ve achieved. You will also need to maintain healthy diet and exercise for best results.
Does it hurt? What does it feel like?
You’ll feel the build up of warmth in the area and you’ll feel the stimulation from intense mechanical massage; but it is by no means unbearable.
When will I see results?
You may notice some initial results after just one session, but it takes a course to build up the optimum impact.

Results are not instant – it takes 2-4 weeks for the body to expel cellulite and build up the new collagen/elastin that provides the skin tightening and lifting effect.

Can I have more than one area treated?
Yes of course. We’ll discuss your requirements in a consultation and suggest the most appropriate treatment plan based on your goals.
Who cannot have EMTONE treatment? (Contraindications)
The procedure is not suitable for any of the following:

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Pacemaker or internal defibrillator
  • Internal electronic devices
  • Metal implants including dental braces close to the treatment area
  • Deep (ablative) chemical peel or resurfacing treatment in last 3 months

It may not be suitable in cases of:

  • Skin infection or inflammation including eczema, rosacea, burns
  • Impaired immunity, poor wound healing, bleeding disorders
  • Accutane within 12 months
  • Scleroderma, radiation therapy
  • Kidney or liver disease
  • Cardiovascular disease, varicose veins, certain radiologic procedures, sensitivity disorders, tuberculosis

The vast majority of our patients are suitable for this treatment. As a doctor-led clinic, we are able to advise on any specific concerns and queries regarding suitability.



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Treatment results may vary from person to person according to individual experience and the condition being treated. See our terms and conditions for more information.


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