Frown Lines

The appearance of frown lines is one of the classic signs of ageing.

Frown lines appear on the forehead, making them quite visible and potentially prominent

  • Horizontal lines – run across the forehead between the eyebrows and the hairline (think Gordon Ramsey!)
  • Vertical lines – run between the eyebrows, giving a person a “cross” look  

Preventing Frown Lines

While we can’t stop nature, there are a few simple practices which can delay the appearance of frown lines and minimise their severity. Good tips for preventing frown lines include:

  • Safe sun – avoid sun exposure, use a sun protection cream with SPF30+ even in winter and try to avoid the sun at its peak times
  • Cut smoking – or at least cut back. Smoking restricts the amount of oxygen that can reach the skin’s cells so that skin loses its strength and texture
  • Good diet – eating sensibly (including fruit and veg!) does have an impact on your skin’s health too
  • Drink plenty – ideally water – to keep your skin well hydrated and supple. Avoid too much coffee and tea
  • Good skincare practice – ensure that the skin is cleaned each morning and evening, and use a good moisturiser
  • Avoid stress – this often makes you crinkle your forehead! Try to relax

Treating Frown Lines

These preventative tips will help to keep your skin in good condition, potentially delaying the time and severity with which frown lines appear.

However, for more proactive treatment, Botox anti-wrinkle injections offer exceptional results. A few injections into the fine dynamic facial muscles which cause frown lines will minimise their activity, so that the skin drapes smoothly and appears younger and line-free.

Botox can also be used as a preventative measure. While very early use of botox is somewhat controversial, certainly patients in their late 20’s and early 30’s can benefit from subtle botox injections to prevent the facial muscle movements and therefore delay the onset of lines and wrinkles; thereby staying younger-looking for longer.

Before and after photos

BOTOX frown results

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