Our Mission

Forget the business talk and vague ideas, our company philosophy is actually very simple and grounded in the principles of excellent customer service:

We aim to help patients to look good and to feel good too

It’s an honest and straightforward approach that works for us and works for our patients.

Here’s how it works

  1. We genuinely care – our principle concern is about getting a good result for each and every patient, which will let them leave the clinic with their heads held high and a spring in their step, feeling confident and beautiful
  2. We want good results for you – our aim is to have patients complimented for looking ‘well’, ‘radiant’ or ‘fresh’.  A compliment that will give a little boost to how they feel
  3. We will always give the best advice – sometimes in cosmetic treatments ‘less is more’. We don’t subscribe to the over-done look and will advise on the most appropriate level or course of treatment for a flattering look
  4. We value the long term relationship with our patients – so we never oversell or overtreat. This is not the case with everybody in the industry and clients coming from elsewhere are often surprised at the results that can be achieved with less injectable product
  5. We offer a comprehensive choice of treatments – so that we can genuinely give the best advice and service for you. With the latest advancements in skin technology, there is so much more to offer our patients beyond cosmetic injections, but not all clinics invest in the equipment. At Quinn Clinics, we offer laser, IPL, CO2, radiofrequency, sublative fractional radio frequency and sublime infrared radio frequency to name but a few
  6. Treatments that will suit you – everybody is different; in terms of their skin and physiology, as well as their style and beauty. We welcome patients from all walks of life. Some people are groomed and glamorous, others favour the natural beauty look, yet we all want to look good. We take time to understand your personal style, as well as your work, home and social life to find the most appropriate course of treatment to enhance your appearance in a way that suits you
  7. Medical expertise – The procedures that we perform are medical in nature. We are not a beauty salon. Whilst rejuvenating and beautifying, we aim to provide the highest standards of medical care. Most of the treatments at Quinn Clinics are doctor-led with Dr John Quinn. The consultation includes a professional medical review before any treatment is agreed upon
  8. Great clinic environment – our clinics are designed to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. The environment is comfortable and kept rigorously clean as you should expect in a medical environment. However, we have also decorated stylishly and provide a selection of drinks for our patients to put you at ease and make you feel pampered throughout
  9. Relaxed and friendly team – our staff are selected on personality as well as their skills. Many have worked for us for a number of years. They are knowledgeable and informed about treatments; but we are also justifiably proud about how many patients remark on how ‘lovely and reassuring’ our team are in providing the service
  10. Professional service – from your first call, email or contact via our website, we intend to make sure that your experience is the epitome of good customer service. We’ve even won awards for this and are proud of it

Finally, we are always keen to improve and welcome all feedback. Please feel free to let us know how you think we’re doing.

  • How was  your experience?
  • Are you pleased with the results?
  • What sort of comments/compliments have you had?
  • What’s important to you and what could we do better?

Let us know!


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