Nose to Mouth Lines

Also called “naso-labial folds”, the lines running between your nose and the corners of your mouth can become more pronounced with age. 

Environmental factors such as sun exposure and smoking can exaggerate and/or accelerate the appearance of these creases.

Patients can grow to feel quite concerned about this as with deeper lines, the contour of the mouth changes too, so that a person can look angry, sad or older without any intention to change their facial expression; which can cause problems in their daily lives, affecting the perceptions of those around them.

Dermal fillers such as Juvederm® can help to smooth and soften the appearance of nose to mouth lines.

The fillers work by adding additional volume into the skin where it has become depleted. This plumps out the creases and lines to produce smoother skin.

Before and after photos

before and after dermal fillers Bristol

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