Hirsute? Excessive Facial Hair


Unwanted Body HairMany women suffer from excessive facial which is not only plentiful but often also a thicker texture. 

This can be intensely embarrassing for the patient in a society where the media tends to portray little or no facial hair – the ‘flawless’ look.

So for some women, excessive hair growth can have an impact on confidence and self-esteem.

Understanding Excessive Hair

All hair goes through a growth cycle in 3 phases

  1. Anagen – active growing. This phase lasts 2-6 years – 90% of follicles are normally in this phase
  2. Catagen – transition phase where the hair stops growing and hair shaft loosens from the follicle. This phase lasts 2- weeks
  3. Telogen – where the hair sheds as new growth pushes out the old hair. This phase lasts 6-8 weeks

Patients with excessive facial hair tend to have a longer anagen phase, causing additional hair growth and retention.

Causes & Conditions

For some patients, it is pretty much an ongoing condition, appearing in the teens or even childhood and lasting a lifetime. In this case it could be an inherited tendency to more hair than average.

Where the condition appears in later life, there are a number of possible causes of hirsutism. Major hormonal changes such as the menopause can be a factor, as can PCOS or certain medications. If there is any medical concern (e.g. no apparent reason for sudden facial hair growth), patients can see a GP for advice and possibly tests to understand the cause, which may itself require treatment. Prescription of oral contraceptives is generally the first line, but other medications may be considered according to the diagnosis of any underlying condition.

Reducing Excessive Facial Hair

Whatever the underlying reason for excessive facial hair, many women are keen to reduce the visible growth.

Simple DIY treatment options are:

  • Bleaching
  • Creams
  • Shaving
  • Plucking

However, many patients are keen to seek a longer term solution which diminishes the amount of hair growth going forward.

Long-Term Hair Reduction – Laser Hair Removal

Lasers work to destroy the hair follicle by targeting melanin pigment in the hair with laser energy. The treatment works on hair in its active growth cycle (anagen phase) so a course of sessions is normally advised in order to address the fullest amount of hair growth. The hair may not be removed 100% forever, but it will be removed to a significant degree


Quinn Clinics’ laser hair removal centre in Clifton offers Laser Hair Removal with fully trained staff.  As Quinn Clinics is a doctor owned and led business, clinical standards are very high.

What’s more, if there are concerns about underlying medical conditions, then clinic founder Dr John Quinn is a fully qualified doctor who is on hand to advise if necessary.


  • Lip and chin package £200 for course of 6
  • Saves £418 on separate prices
  • (per session costs usually £46 lip, £57 chin)
  • Offer expires end of June 2019

More information on our special offers page.


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