Laser Hair Removal for Christmas?

Are Home IPL Machines Worth It?

laser hair removal christmasAs Christmas approaches, one of the personal beauty gifts to hit the shelves this year is home IPL. 

There are a number of machines to choose from ranging from around £300 upwards.

But is home IPL a good idea?

It has the same appeal as laser hair removal – giving you skin that is less stubbly and hairy without daily shaving.

However, there are some big differences between what a home IPL device can achieve and the professional-level laser hair removal equipment at Quinn Clinics’ Bristol laser hair removal centre.

Here’s our summary of the difference between Home IPL and salon laser hair removal.

Home IPL vs Professional Laser Hair Removal

  1. Most home devices are based on IPL, not proper laser. This works like a flashbulb, destroying dark hair where it contrasts against pale skin. Therefore IPL really only works best for patients with pale skin and dark hair. It is ineffective on blonde hair/tanned skin
  2. DIY systems are a much lower power than salon ones and therefore generally less effective than laser treatment, so it will take a lot more sessions to get a comparable result
  3. Treatments carried out in the home inevitably lack some of the salon/clinic safeguards, like protective eyewear. Burns are not uncommon
  4. Home IPL is not as cheap as it looks on the surface. Replacement cartridges (bulbs) and gels can really add up
  5. Treating yourself is awkward, especially in areas such as underarms or bikini
  6. The smaller size of home IPL makes treatment slow and inefficient, as only a ‘spot’ is treated with each flash. You’ll need to keep blasting, but also ensure that the same bit of skin is not treated twice to avoid burns
  7. Treatment can be uncomfortable, both in terms of the skin overheating and also the contortions required to reach certain areas!

Professional Laser Hair Removal

Considering the limitations of IPL, rather than get (or give) a home device, why not consider a course of laser hair removal at Quinn Clinics’ Bristol laser hair removal centre.

Special offers are available, including course discounts and special packages. Moreover, treatment will be much safer, easier and with the likelihood of better results too.

Professional Laser Hair Removal, Bristol

Quinn Clinics’ laser hair removal centre in Clifton offers a choice of 2 state of the art laser hair removal machines depending on each patient’s unique requirements:

  • Candela elōs Plus with Motif
  • Lumenis Lightsheer

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