Bridalplasty? Pre-Wedding Cosmetic Treatments

botox injections bristolThe Daily Mirror this week reported a growth in women booking cosmetic treatments and procedures in advance of their weddings, with a third of brides to be saying they were tempted to book some treatment in advance of the big day.

A series of celebrities have already paved the way, with Kim Kardashian and many others reported to have had botox and fillers in order to look her best for her wedding and indeed the photos.

The ‘bridalplasty’ phenomenon is not isolated to brides, there are many grooms, bridesmaids and mothers of brides and associated guests who book treatments to look their best too.

These cosmetic treatments are increasing in popularity all the time and are no longer the preserve of A-listers, a great many people have regular anti-ageing injections to keep their skin looking younger.

It is therefore unsurprising that regular users would plan to have treatment in advance of a big occasion, while a major event is also a time when those who have considered treatment to be an option might opt for having it for the first time.

However, it’s not all about botox, dermal fillers and lip enhancement.

Many clients are more concerned about addressing skin complaints, so that they appear smooth and flawless in photos. Difficult skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation or acne scarring can be difficult to disguise and can spoil a photo.

Eastender actress Lucy Speed had treatment for acne in advance of her wedding, combining intensive skincare with professional peels and microdermabrasion. Lucy says:

“My biggest worry was the size of my spots which could sometimes be so enormous and painful and impossible to disguise under make-up. They could actually distort the size of my face.”

“About a month before the wedding my complexion became entirely different; smooth, even and spot-free for the first time in 10 years.”

Pre-Wedding Cosmetic Treatments

Quinn Clinics based in Bristol and Greenwich see many clients – both new and regular customers – who want to look their best for a big occasion.

The best place to start is with a consultation with Dr John Quinn, who carries out the treatments. This will be an opportunity for Dr Quinn to learn what you are trying to achieve, examine your skin and advise on the best course of treatment.

As well as cosmetic injections, the clinic also offers advanced skin treatment technology such as ultrasonic, radiofrequency, laser and IPL, which can be a good option for boosting the condition of the skin by regenerating collagen from within.

The clinic also offers peels and microdermabrasion, intensive exfoliation options to reveal fresher, newer skin cells for a radiant glow.



Quinn Clinics was established in 2006 and offers a full range of cosmetic, medical and laser skin treatments.

The clinic’s owner and founder, Dr John Quinn , is also a practising GP and highly qualified in dermatology. He is well placed to advise on any aspect of acne treatment using aesthetic treatments and advanced skin technology on its own or alongside conventional treatments.

Quinn Clinics has two locations based in Clifton (Bristol) and Blackheath/Greenwich (London)

Please call 0117 924 4592 or email for further information or to book an appointment.

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