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Dermal Fillers – How They Work

juvederm fillers syringeThe principle behind dermal fillers is actually quite a simple one. Dermal or facial filler injections replace volume that is lost within the skin to smooth out the surface and make the patient appear younger. 

Over time, the skin loses volume. The natural levels of collagen within the skin deplete, which causes our skin to lose it shape and firmness. The skin also loses natural elasticity and hydration.

Where volume is lost, the skin can start to wrinkle. Initially appearing as fine lines, with progressive ageing, deeper creases and crevices can appear.

Dermal fillers aim to address these problems by plumping up the area that is treated from within. Use of dermal fillers can rectify the deep lines and depressed areas creating a smoother skin surface and levelling it with other parts of the skin.

Fillers can also be used to sculpt the face in particular areas, e.g. tackling facial hollows, redefining cheekbones or adding volume to the lips (lip enhancement is one of the most popular uses).


Step by Step Dermal Fillers

This series of diagrams from top filler brand Juvederm illustrates the process:

Step 1 – appearance of wrinkles

The ‘V’ shape shows a crease or wrinkle in the skin’s surface

how filler work 1

Step 2 – filler injections

The hyaluronic acid filler is injected under the skin’s surface, pushing out the crease

how fillers work 2

Step 3 – Result

After treatment, the skin’s surface is smoother. The filler stays active within the skin for around months, where the hyaluronic acid retains moisture to replace the lost volume.

how fillers work 3

Results are generally seen instantly. They are not permanent, but treatment can be repeated when the filler has dissipated, allowing for ongoing adjustment to the patient’s changing requirements.

Dermal Fillers Bristol, Greenwich

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