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Facial Feedback – How Botox Can Make You Feel Good

male botox injectionsThere is little doubt with the assertion that modern aesthetic treatments work well when done right. A few tiny injections can be powerful enough to make a patient look significantly younger and fresher.

However, while botox injections are used primarily for making people look good, there is also scientific evidence that they make patients feel better too.

Facial Feedback

A recent study into the impact on botox patients’ emotions and general well-being looked at the concept of ‘facial feedback’.

The theory is that when botox works to reduce frown lines on the forehead, the fact that patients frown less makes them actually see the world a little differently too, feeling less stressed and worried.

Dr Michael Lewis, reader at the school of psychology in Cardiff carried out a study into how facial expressions affect our emotions. He explained:

“If you can’t frown any more you end up feeling happier.”

“It’s called facial feedback. The expressions we make on our face are connected to the emotions we feel.”

Dr Feelgood

The phenomenon is one that Dr Quinn’s patients understand. He has even been nick-named ‘Dr Feelgood’ for the beneficial impact his treatments have on the way clients look and feel.

Dr Quinn is a qualified aesthetic doctor with specific expertise in botox® and dermal fillers. He even trains other professionals in use of the popular injections.

Quinn Clinics

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