New to Botox? What to Expect

Anti-Ageing PackageIf you are considering wrinkle-relaxing injections for the very first time, you are not alone. Millions of men and women around the globe use botox to mask the signs of ageing, yet nearly all would have approached their first botox session with some trepidation. 

Botox Consultation

The first step is to be well informed about the anti-ageing procedure and as much as online research will help you to know the facts, the most important element of information is the consultation.

A good consultation can take longer than the treatment itself, but is vital as a two-way communication to establish the full facts before any treatment is agreed.

Your consultation should ideally be with the person who is actually proposing to treat you – this is not the case at all clinics – but speaking with the practitioner rather than a nurse or sales person is obviously preferable to ensure you are both agreed about the treatment.

The Botox injections consultation process should be without obligation to proceed unless you are completely happy – this means that you can ask all your questions about anti-wrinkle injections without feeling any pressure to go ahead. If you are not 100%, then don’t agree to treatment and seek a second opinion.

Your practitioner should spend time reviewing your medical history and understanding any relevant conditions. The consultation should also include a thorough review of your skin and discussion about the areas you are unhappy with and what you are trying to achieve with treatment.

You will be asked to make a number of facial expressions including raising your eyebrows, frowning and smiling – this is so that your facial lines and the muscles involved can be observed to decide on the best injection points and the amount of botox required.

The consultation should also include full detail as to what to expect before, during and after treatment – including aftercare advice such as avoiding the sun. Doctors should also warn their patients about the possible risks and complications.

If you are nervous and looking for reassurance, remember that botox is reversible. It can also be topped up, so starting with a small amount to see the difference can be a good idea.

Botox Treatment

After cleaning the injection area, the doctor will use a sterile syringe to extract no less than 0.5 mL of the botulinum toxin and expel any remaining air bubbles. Then botox is administered using a very fine needle.

The botox starts to work within 24-48 hours but results build up over about a week.

Results can be expected to last from 3-6 months after which another treatment can be carried out to continue the benefit.

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Dr Quinn is a qualified aesthetic doctor with specific expertise in dermal fillers and botox® and two clinics based in Clifton (Bristol) and Blackheath/Greenwich (London)

Quinn Clinics offer a full range of cosmetic, medical and laser skin treatments, and as well as injections, offer the latest laser technology including IPL laser and CO2 fractional laser and radio-frequency treatment.

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