Money-Saving Face Lift Alternatives

Cosmetic treatmentsLooking  younger and fresher doesn’t have to mean rushing off to the nearest plastic surgeon.

According to BAAPS the Bristish Assosication of Plastic Surgeons, the number of face lifts, eye lifts, eyebag removal and brow lifts carried out are all on the increase, going up by over 10% compared to the previous year as more people try to turn back the signs of ageing.

However, with the average face lift costing anywhere from £5,000 to over £10,000 it’s a major investment, money that could be spent on a car or a cruise!

Little wonder therefore that so many more people are opting for cheaper alternatives, such as botox, dermal fillers or IPL facial rejuvenation treatment.

For those new to non-surgical treatments, the advantages vs surgery are very compelling.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Here are 5 reasons why non-surgical treatments can be a better idea than surgery:

  1. Cheaper cost – botox injections cost from £170
  2. Faster recovery – depending on your treatment, nobody need know. Most people go straight back to work or their ordinary lives after treatment. By comparison, recovery from surgery means bandages, bruising, stitches and avoiding bathing and exercise while wounds heal
  3. Local availability – where surgery involves a visit to hospital with potentially a couple of nights in hospital, non-surgical treatments are available a lot more widely
  4. Less risky procedure – those having surgery will be counselled on the risks of having general or local anaesthetic and the potential for infection. With non-surgical treatments, risk levels are a lot less significant
  5. Temporary procedures – many of the non-surgical treatments are temporary – botox and fillers wear off. Having skin removed and tightened is permanent!

So what non-surgical treatments should be considered as an alternative to surgery?

It helps to understand how they work. Here are a few popular choices:

  • Botox injections – tiny injections of botulinum toxin which relax the fine dynamic facial muscles that cause wrinkles, allowing the skin to drape more smoothly and look less lined
  • Dermal fillers – work to replenish lost volume in the skin, gently plumping out deeper lines and creases or adding volume to the lips or cheeks
  • Dermaroller – micro-needling treatment which stimulates the skin’s own production of collagen for firmer, tighter and healthier skin from within
  • IPL Laser – intense pulsed light uses light based energy to improve the appearance of the skin. The laser selectively heats the skin in order to stimulate its own healing processes for firmer, clearer skin. The treatment is sometimes called a “photofacial”
  • CO2 fractional laser – The CO2 fractional laser light creates many tiny holes in the surface of the skin, yet only targeting a small portion of the skin leaving most of the skin intact, stimulating natural collagen production

Aesthetic Medicine Doctor, Bristol, London

To discuss cosmetic treatments in confidence, please arrange to see Dr John Quinn who has many years experience in fillers and botox® and even trains other medical professionals in his skills and techniques.

Quinn Clinics offer a full range of cosmetic, medical and laser skin treatments, including popular Botox and dermal fillers to tackle lines and wrinkles as well as IPL facial laser and CO2 and radio-frequency treatment.

Call 0117 924 4592 or email for further information.

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