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Dr John Quinn, on NOT Looking Like Madonna

celebrity botox newsDr John Quinn says:

“I’ve never been a huge Madonna fan. I get it, why she’s hugely popular but she’s always been a little over the top for my taste.

It’s interesting then that several patients this month have specifically mentioned her when I’ve spoken about facial revolumisation treatments. Their feedback has been that she looks a little overdone, her face a little swollen.

This swelling is often a sign of fat transfer. This procedure involves liposuction and harvesting of fat which is then injected into the face. Surgeons often overfill as they expect a certain amount to be reabsorbed. What’s left is permanent, for better or worse.

In my experience, patients want a soft, natural looking and global rejuvenation. Frozen is out. Big pouts are out. Anything resembling glamour model is a no no. The answer seems to be in a little and often approach, combining multiple treatments and avoiding an over treated look.

Patients are consumers these days. They present requesting Botox and fillers. Cost is important of course. But given the recent PIP breast implant scandal, hopefully people realise that it is value that matters. Good healthcare costs money. If something is very cheap there is probably a reason.

In my practice, I put less and less Botox into patients foreheads these days. This gives a much softer, more natural look.

I tend to use Voluma through a cannula, which causes much less bruising and trauma than a needle, to lift the cheeks and thus the jowls. I do this rather than simply filling nose to mouth lines. I try to look at the face holistically. I use intense pulsed light to improve skin colour and quality. I use radiofrequency to tighten the jawline and neck. I have my therapists carry out microdermabrasion and superficial skin peels. I don’t get excited nor try to sell expensive lotions and potions that make NO difference.

I have no doubt that as the specialty of aesthetic medicine grows that it will become more and more about combination treatments. We’re seeing it already.”

Dr John Quinn, MB, BCh, BAO, BACD
Founder and Clinical Director, Quinn Clinics

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