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Modern Madness: Ancient Beauty Rituals and Myths

Quinn ClinicsA study last week showed that some of the modern beauty rituals we hold dear are downright disturbing. No, not professional cosmetic procedures, but treatments of our own making.

In a study of 2,000 women carried out by Modern Milk, researchers found that almost half of us will rake through the household cupboards for inspiration.

Tried and tested treatments that vary in method and madness include the use of hairspray to fix make-up, soaking hair with whisked egg whites, and even applying haemorrhoid cream to dark circles around the eyes. Women experimenting with the latter method claim the cream helps to reduce the appearance of enlarged capillaries, thus avoiding dark circles in the long run. Choose to believe it when you see it, that’s all we’re saying.

Of course, other less invasive treatments include ones we’re all familiar with: placing pieces of cucumber on the eyes to reduce puffiness; brushing our teeth with strawberries to promote whitening; and using cooled tea bags to soothe the skin.

These natural remedies have been passed down through generations, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them.

A spokesperson for Quinn Clinics commented: “Having a few personal hints and tricks up your sleeve is one thing, but some of the beauty treatments people try are quite bizarre. It’s clear the lengths some women will go to to look beautiful.”

So why the avoidance of treatments that have been proven to help reduce the signs of ageing?

BOTOX® and dermal fillers, when utilised by the right practitioner, have been proven to stop the signs of ageing in their tracks. Not only are these treatments more effective than many of the store-cupboard experiments proposed, but they’re also safer and very natural in appearance.

Opt to under-correct your lines rather than go for the “frozen look” and you’ll have a softer, more youthful appearance after just one short session.

Olive oil and oatmeal may be as good as any expensive facial scrub, and popping a bit of lemon juice on your hair might encourage those highlights… But for your body’s sake, do research proven methods before you start popping Grandad’s haemmorhoid medication on your face. Agreed?

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