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A Month of Conferences …

Dr John QuinnIt’s a hard life!

I’ve been lucky enough to get to two educational conferences in the last month. The first was an advanced facial anatomy weekend course in Toulouse, France.

The course was taught by 3 plastic surgeons, a dermatologist and the professor of anatomy from Toulouse University. It focused not just on textbook anatomy but on how it applies to treatments with BOTOX®  and dermal fillers. This will be particularly useful for me when treating my patients in Bristol and also when training other doctors with Juvederm Voluma.

The weekend was also the launch of Juvederm Voluma with lidocaine. I use alot of Juvederm Voluma in order to restore lost facial volume in older patients as well as to perform beautiful cheek enhancements on younger female patients. Up until now I’ve mixed the product with local anaesthetic to make it more comfortable. Now I won’t have to!

This morning I arrived back from the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors Autumn meeting in Nice. It’s always good to meet up with other cosmetic doctors from across the UK and discuss the latest treatments and developments.

The meeting included an excellent talk on facial revolumisation by French plastic surgeon, Herve Raspaldo as well as a very interesting talk on injection lipolysis. Injection lipolysis is a treatment where a solution is directly injected into localised pockets of fat in order to dissolve them. It’s not something that we do at the clinic just yet but watch this space!

I arrived back to a busy couple of days in the clinic. Time to put some of this new learning to use!

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