Summer round up – Intense pulsed light treatments and Pelleve

Quinn ClinicsSummer is definitely over. As we’ve entered September, the evenings are that little bit shorter, the children are heading back to school and traffic has reappeared as a Facebook update topic.

We’ve had a really busy summer at the clinic, not least because we’ve seen twice the number of patients as the same period last year but also because we’ve been going through the process of registration with the Care, Quality Commission.

The CQC “regulate care provided by the NHS, local authorities, private companies and voluntary organisations. (We) aim to make sure better care is provided for everyone – in hospitals, care homes and people’s own homes”. The registration process is very time consuming and not actually necessary if a clinic is simply providing injectible treatments. It does however require the clinic to adhere to certain basic standards of quality. This is something that I feel is particularly important, given the unregulated nature of the cosmetic medical industry.

Only this week a “clinic” opened near to us run by a Russian “cosmetologist”. She details her Russian medical training on her website but is not actually registered as a doctor with the General Medical Council in the UK. It seems scary that this kind of practice can be allowed. And interestingly, her prices are higher than ours!

However, our role is not to police others. We can simply try to provide the best service possible. With this in mind you’ll see that we’ve introduced a number of new treatments in the last few weeks. We are now offering intense pulsed light treatments and Pelleve.

Intense pulsed light or IPL is a method of facial rejuvenation using light based energy to selectively heat and thus remove certain targets, known as chromophores, from the skin. These targets are typically brown pigment or “liver spots” and telangiectasia or thread veins. The effect can be very profound in patients with sun damage, a common finding in the Celtic population.

Pelleve is a neat little device that uses radiofrequency energy to heat and denature collagen in the skin, thus producing a subtle tightening effect. It works particularly well as a combination treatment when used with dermal fillers such as Voluma.

We will be hosting an open evening in late September. So if you fancy popping in for a chat and a glass of wine, please do. Hopefully see you soon.

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