Q Lift Facial Rejuvenation

Q LIFTDr John Quinn, founder of Quinn Clinics in Bristol, has created a brand new and exclusive facial rejuvenation programme – the “Q Lift” – to tackle the key signs of facial ageing without the need for surgery.

The unique Q Lift facial rejuvenation programme combines 3 skin treatments which work together in order to create a comprehensive and highly effective result, making the face appear more youthful.

The Q Lift programme starts with Ultherapy® ultrasonic skin tightening on the lower face. This new treatment uses advanced ultrasound technology to stimulate the skin, triggering the body’s natural healing and regeneration responses and boosting collagen for firmer, tighter and more toned skin. This creates a noticeable ‘lifting’ effect which can rejuvenate the whole facial appearance, improving definition around the jawline for a more youthful profile.

Then the new Belotero Volume hyaluronic acid dermal filler is used to replenish lost volume, redefining facial contours such as the cheekbones, while softening ageing facial hollows which can appear in the temples or cheek area. This new treatment looks particularly natural and flattering, creating a softer look and blending away harsh lines and wrinkles.

Finally, Botox injections are used to lift the eyebrows. As eyebrows tend to become lower with age, this instantly opens out the facial features for a younger look, but Dr Quinn is careful to ensure that the result is flattering and natural, not overly lifted.

Dr John Quinn MB, BCH, BAO, BACD explains:

“I was impressed from the outset with the results of Ultherapy® treatment. Unlike many other treatments, the treatment enables us to tackle the general downwards movement of facial features which can happen with age by creating a lifting effect, redefining difficult treatment areas, such as the chin, jowls and jawline.”

“However, we have been very excited with the results achieved by combining Ultherapy® treatment with cosmetic injections for a more holistic result and a greater overall rejuvenation.”

“The Q Lift is a 3 in 1 treatment, using a selection of approaches together for a greater overall impact. The results are dramatic, yet we are careful to ensure that the finished look is natural and flattering, never over-done. The key is that we address the whole face, whereas traditional cosmetic treatments tend to trouble shoot one specific area at a time.”


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