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What Age Can I have Laser Hair Removal?

This treatment is suitable for clients over the age of 18. We are unable to offer treatment for younger patients.

Can I have laser hair removal after skin cancer?

Sorry, we do not treat patients with any history of skin cancer.

Are there any issues with medication?

Some medications can cause adverse reaction to laser hair removal treatment. Therefore it is very important to declare any medication at the time of booking the appointment so that we can advise on this.

Can you treat black skin?

Sorry, our machines are unable to treat black skin.

Can I have treatment while I’m tanned?

We recommend avoiding any form of tanning (sunbathing, sun beds or fake tan) for 6 weeks before and after treatment. Darker skin reduces the contrast with the hair follicle, which means that treatment is less effective. In addition, sun exposure makes complications more likely (both before and after laser hair removal).

Is scarring a problem?

Laser hair removal is not suitable for use over scars that are less than 6 months old. However, it is fine for older scars.

Can men have treatment?

Absolutely – our clinic sees a number of men as well as women.

Why do I need to have a course of treatment?

Hair grows in repeating cycles and laser hair removal only works during the actively growing phase when the hair has enough pigment to absorb sufficient energy to disable the hair follicle.

Hair is in the dormant phase has little or no pigment and it cannot absorb the laser light.  Each laser hair removal session treats the ‘active’ follicles. Subsequent sessions will tackle a different set of hair – treating the dormant hairs that have become active.

You can just have one session if you wish, but a course is strongly recommended for best results in order to ensure as much hair as possible is treated.

How many laser hair removal treatments will I need?

6 treatments is recommended for optimum results.  You should notice a difference after the first 1-2 sessions, with hair growing back thinner; but the untreated ‘dormant’ follicles will still grow new hair when they become active. It is at this point that treatment would normally be repeated for a more thorough result.

Can I have laser hair removal if I’m pregnant?

There is no specific research on this, but we would not recommend treatment during pregnancy. Hormones can make the skin more susceptible to the sun and it is simply better not to take any chances with laser hair removal at this time. Put your feet up for a few months!

What are the possible side effects?

Immediately after the treatment, the area may be red and may feel slightly sunburnt. Some itching and swelling is normal. A test patch is performed before any treatment to assess how the skin will react and minimise the risk of unwanted effects, such as scabbing, bruising and increased or decreased pigmentation. Patients should avoid tanning the treated area for at least one month before and one month after their treatments.

What does it cost?

See our laser hair removal price list for latest information. Prices depend on the area being treated.  Most people need a course of 6 treatments to see lasting results, but we offer a discount on packages purchased.

What do I need to do before and after treatment?

See our preparation and aftercare advice for important information on how to prepare and tips for after your treatment.

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