For Men

Up to 10 years ago, “real men” didn’t even use moisturisers. Now increasing numbers of savvy men are realising the benefits of cosmetic medicine for healthier, younger-looking skin.

Reduce the signs of ageing

Men have the same basic concerns as women. We want to look good for our age and soften the signs of ageing as much as possible. What limits us typically are fear of looking a bit artificial and our peers noticing.

At Quinn Clinics we have plenty of male patients. We recognize that the approach to the male face is different to that of a female and we have the experience to effect the difference.

Video – Treatments for Men

Skin treatments for men

A variety of options are available for male patients.  The most popular are:

  • BOTOX® is typically for frown lines, horizontal forehead lines and crows feet
  • Dermal fillers are used to plump out lines from the nose to the mouth and to improve volume in the cheeks.
  • GeneO+ medical facial and skin peels are used to improve the condition and texture of the skin


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