Crow’s Feet

The eyes are the window to the soul… yet can betray the signs of age unlike any other area of the face or body.

Laughter lines or crow’s feet can appear with age and are notoriously difficult to treat.  For those that smoke or enjoy the sun, the condition can be exacerbated.

How Can I Treat Crow’s Feet?

The good news is that with modern cosmetic treatment injections, crow’s feet and laughter lines can be gently yet very effectively smoothed away.

There are a number of treatments to consider:

  • BOTOX® anti-wrinkle injections around the eye area, to gently relax the lines and wrinkles, so that skin drapes smoothly
  • Dermal fillers, which tackle deeper lines and folds
  • Chemical peel to provide intensive exfoliation and gently erase fine lines
  • GeneO+ medical facial to smooth the skin’s texture and appearance through exfoliation, infusion, oxygenation, tightening and contouring processes
  • Dermaroller therapy to stimulate collagen production and improve the quality of skin from within

Bear in mind that the eye area is particularly delicate and the skin is quite thin. Therefore it is important to choose a skilful physician who is experienced in eye rejuvenation treatments.

Find Out More In An Individual Consultation

For a professional opinion, start with a consultation with a medically qualified, experienced and specialist cosmetic treatments practitioner.

Each patient is an individual with very different anatomy and physiology as well as aesthetic requirements.  Only in a one-to-one consultation can the best treatment or combination of treatments be recommended.


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