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In your 30s


Dr John Quinn Explains Skin in the 30s

Fine lines and wrinkles

As the milestone of 30 approaches, patients often start to notice fine lines and wrinkles. The most common area that these are first seen is around the delicate eye area.

Fine lines in the upper face in our 30s tend to be related to facial expression. These so-called “dynamic lines” are highly responsive to treatment with BOTOX®.  In fact, this is the most popular treatment at our Bristol clinic for patients in their 30s.

Loss of plumpness

As the decade advances, we start to notice early signs of facial volume loss. These typically manifest as lines from our nose to our mouth and/or extending downwards from the corner of the mouth.

Volume loss responds to treatment with dermal fillers such as Juvederm Ultra. These non-animal gel-based products instantly plump out lines.

Skin care

Skin care remains of vital importance. Daily application of sun protection factor is still the most beneficial way to slow environmental ageing. Vitamin C preparations are an excellent antioxidant.

Superficial skin peels and microdermabrasion offer intense exfoliation to help the complexion glow and gently erase fine lines.

Acne and thread veins

Acne rosacea is a common skin condition of celtic patients characterised by “spots” and/or thread veins on the face.

While the spots can be well managed by your GP, the thread veins are best treated by a light based therapy such as the Lumenis One intense pulsed light (IPL treatment).

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