New Vascular Laser To Banish Thread Veins And More

Elvii vascular laserELVII Vascular Laser

Thread Veins, Rosacea, Redness, Pigmentation, Sun Damage

Quinn Clinics is pleased to announce the arrival of advanced vascular technology for treating a host of common vein conditions and skin blemishes.

This system is based on advanced laser technology and was designed specifically to tackle these frustrating issues in a way that general purpose lasers cannot replicate.

Dr John Quinn says:

“Treatment is quick, comfortable and results may be seen immediately.”

ELVii Vascular Laser

The ELVii 532VP system applies a “green” laser beam to the skin, where it is selectively absorbed by the colour contrast in the target area. The laser energy heats the targeted area which causes reactions within the skin.  This is not painful at all, but simply feels like the skin is warming.

For vascular conditions such as thread veins, the heat causes the vessel wall to shrink and to permanently close, leaving blood to flow through deeper, normal, healthy veins.

In the case of sun damage and pigmentation, the laser breaks down the melanin that is responsible for discolouration and patchy pigmentation within the skin. The effect is to fade the darker patches, while the melanin is effectively absorbed and eliminated by the body.

ELVii Treatment Results

before and after Elvii vascular laser   before and after Elvii

First in UK

The ELVii vascular laser from Innovate Devices is now available at Quinn Clinics based in Redland, Bristol.

Dr John Quinn’s practice is the first in the UK to offer this exciting and innovative treatment. Dr Quinn comments:

“We are the only clinic in the UK to have the ELVii 532VP Diode Laser. This ‘green’ laser has a tiny but powerful, 1 mm spot size, which is perfect to instantly remove pesky, small, facial veins.

“A huge benefit is that the treatment is very comfortable.

“We have been using lasers for 10 years now and have huge experience in managing rosacea.

“This laser is the perfect accompaniment to our Lumenis M22 Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment. The IPL has a much larger spot size, so it can treat large areas quickly. It is highly effective for facial flushing and for general redness. It also tends to improve skin quality through the heat that it introduces.”

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ELVii 532VP Vascular Laser

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New Laser To Banish Thread Veins And More
Article Name
New Laser To Banish Thread Veins And More
NEW ELVii 532VP Vascular Laser for Thread Veins, Rosacea, Redness, Pigmentation, Sun Damage. Advanced technology, comfortable treatment, immediately visible results.


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