Top 5 Gym Newbie Questions & Answers

Innervate fitness studio bristolConsidering joining a gym for the first time? You may have some preconceptions that are putting you off, or concerns about how it all works and what to do.

Our top 5 gym newbie questions and answers help put your mind at rest and tackle any concerns or doubts so that you can approach your gym session with confidence.

Once you visit, you’ll soon get into the swing of it and find out that it’s actually not that scary. Especially in a small private gym setting like ours.

But until then, we hope our 5 top gym newbie questions and answers help.

There’s no need to invest in top brand high spec kit. Just choose something cool and comfortable. Leggings or joggers and a t shirt that you feel comfortable in. It’s really not a fashion parade – you’ll be hot and sweaty, so practicality is more important than anything!

Everyone gets an induction in the gym to show you round the equipment and demonstrate how to use it safely and effectively. The PT will gear their tour of the gym to your needs and abilities.

The most important thing is a bottle of water to keep you hydrated. Some people also like to bring a towel to wipe away any sweat.

You can expect some attainable results with a couple of sessions a week, but may then prefer to increase sessions for faster progress. It is so rewarding to see your body respond that many people end up coming more than they’d ever expected.

Yes, absolutely. Please feel free to book a tour. You’ll get to see our fitness studio – it’s small, friendly, non-scary but very well-equipped. You’ll also meet one of our personal trainers, who can answer any questions and put your mind at rest. Just call to arrange an appointment.

Innervate at The May Wellness Centre

Innervate is an exciting and unique studio in the heart of beautiful Redland at The May Wellness Centre.

The studio offers small group Personal Training, Yoga and Pilates sessions designed for all fitness levels with experienced and highly motivated health and fitness team Bethan and Jack.

The comfortable and intimate exercise space allows like-minded individuals to be part of a community so you feel supported every step of the way on your fitness journey.

There is no long term gym contract – you can start with a ‘class pass’ and take it from there.


Redland, Bristol

As well as private gym facilities, small group Pilates, Yoga and fitness classes are held throughout the week at Innervate health and fitness, based at The May Wellness Centre in Redland, Bristol. Classes are very friendly and accessible to all abilities. It’s a great way to get into fitness.

Contact The May Wellness Centre

If you’d like to speak to someone about treatment with one of our professionals, please get in touch:

Innervate Fitness Studio Now Open
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Innervate Fitness Studio Now Open
Innvervate fitness studio at The May Wellness Centre now open. Small group yoga, pilates and personal training classes. Friendly and non-scary environment.


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