Allure Video Compares 21 Hair Removal Choices

A new video from Allure compares 21 different methods from tweezing, waxing, shaving, epilating and creams to laser. Then compares the results 2 weeks later. 

hair removal choices

There are lots of ways to remove unwanted hair and the costs, comfort and long term effects do vary.

Allure’s Digital Deputy Beauty Director carefully divided her legs into 21 zones and then tried out a range of different methods to report on the immediate experience and the results after 2 weeks.

The video is shown below

Hair Removal Experience

The immediate experience of using the 21 different hair removal methods tested out were described:

  1. Safety razor – ‘ridiculously sharp’. Gave a smooth shave but also a few nicks
  2. Disposable razor – ‘cheap and readily available’. However, not great on curves
  3. Cartridge razor – ‘ specifically made with leg shaving in mind’. However, can be expensive
  4. Electric razor – ‘not a close enough shave’
  5. Epilator – ‘mechanically pulling the hair out’. Sophia found this too painful although discomfort is said to lessen with repeated use
  6. Depilatory cream – ‘painless… dissolves your hair away’. However, they can be smelly and cause irritation, so do a patch test
  7. Depilatory spray – ‘left a little bit of stubble’. Depilatory creams dissolve hair at the surface, so hair will grow back as quick as shaving
  8. Sugaring – ‘very similar to waxing. I find it doesn’t hurt as much’. Tends to be bit more expensive than wax
  9. Tweezers – not viable for the whole leg, but can help for the curved spots like ankles
  10. Depilation sponge – abrasive method of removing hair but also removed skin
  11. Hair mitten – ‘reminded me of wrapping sandpaper round my hand and rubbing it round my leg’
  12. Pumice stone – ‘not a good option. I have definite abrasions the next day’
  13. Soft wax – ‘the wax that people are most familiar with’. A clean result, but you do have to grow the hair first, as with all waxing methods
  14. Hard wax – ‘quick and efficient’
  15. Wax strips – ‘great in theory’ however ‘way more painful than any other method of waxing’. Also didn’t get all the hair
  16. Cold wax – safer, but took more effort
  17. Laser hair removal using DIY machine at home – ‘they are pricey, that’s the problem. At-home lasers are about 30-50% weaker than in-office laser so you don’t hurt yourself – which means that you have to use them more frequently
  18. Laser hair removal in clinic – ‘a lot bigger, a lot more complicated and a lot more powerful’ compared to at-home devices
  19. IPL DIY system at home – ‘about 30-50% reduction of hair whereas in office 50-80%’. Sophia found the instructions and safety warnings quite intense
  20. Egg white/cornflour mixture DIY treatment – ‘did nothing’
  21. Gelatin-and-milk mixture DIY treatment – ‘reminded me of wax’ and ‘it got 3 hairs, but it was fun to play with’

Results after 2 weeks

  • Shaving/depilatory – all methods had the same regrowth rate as hair is cut at the surface. Some of the shaving injuries were still visible 2 weeks later
  • Waxing/epilation – hair still hasn’t grown back, it’ll probably be another week before regrowth is seen. These treatments remove hair at the root, so give longer results
  • Abrasives – just didn’t work


“It really comes down to what you want and what method works best for you. Do you want to reduce the amount of hair? If so use a laser. If you just want to remove it temporarily, waxing or shaving works. If you prefer epilating and it doesn’t hurt you, great. But if you can’t stand it and you want to use depilatory and it doesn’t aggravate your skin, that’s fine too.”

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