Video Demo: Fractional Radiofrequency Skin Resurfacing

Our latest video demonstration shows skin resurfacing treatment using Fractional Radiofrequency technology by Dr John Quinn MB, BCH, BAO, BACD, Founder and Clinical Director of Quinn Clinics and The May Wellness Centre in Bristol.

The principle behind the treatment is to use controlled injury to create a healing response which generates collagen. Dr Quinn explains that he prefers energy-based treatments to chemical peels for anything other than superficial requirements, saying:

“The reason for that is I can tailor the energy more specifically so I can be more conscious of the level of downtime I’m going to get.”

He continues:

“The fractional radiofrequency sits in the middle of my laser suite in terms of the downtime and the efficacy; so normally it needs a couple of treatments. Very good for neck rejuvenation, it’s good for lines around the eyes, I use it a lot for acne scarring, particularly on darker skin types.”

John demonstrates the applicator and how the treatment tip – which is individual to each patient – simply clips on. He says:

“Every time I press the button we get electrical energy passing in between the plate and the pin; and it’s that exact electrical energy that generates healing in the skin, that’s what causes the effect.”

Neck Treatment Demonstration

Dr John Quinn demonstrations fractional radiofrequency for neck rejuvenation.

He asks the patient how it feels and she replies:

“It’s OK. You just feel a little pin but it’s very bearable, it’s no problem.”

Dr Quinn replies:

“Most patients would feel it as a little bit of heat and then it’s coming up a little bit red. The downtime is probably around sort of 5 days for most patients.”

Sublative™ Fractional Radiofrequency Treatment

Candela eTwo

eTwoQuinn Clinics offer this treatment using the Candela eTwo system. Sublative treatment is very popular and versatile. By boosting collagen and elastin in the skin, a firmer and more youthful texture is achieved with reduction in mild to moderate wrinkles. The treatment can also improve skin pigmentation problems for a more even skin tone and a more radiant complexion.

Sublative™ fractional radio frequency is suitable for all skin types, even darker tones, as the treatment uses radiofrequency not light (such as laser or IPL).


Skin Treatments at Quinn Clinics

Quinn Clinics offer a range of skin treatment approaches that suit the wide variety of clients’ needs and preferences.  Some treatments give an instant impact while others develop over time building up a gradual effect.  With the latest technology, some of the anti-ageing results can be quite dramatic. In terms of cosmetic injections, Quinn Clinics definitely favour a natural and flattering look and there’s no need to worry about looking overdone.

About Quinn Clinics

Advanced Skin Treatment Clinic, Bristol

Quinn Clinics was established in 2006 and offers a full range of cosmetic, medical and laser skin treatments.

As well as anti-ageing injections performed by the clinic’s owner and founder, Dr John Quinn, the clinic can offer the latest laser technology including IPL laser and CO2 fractional laser and radio-frequency treatment.

Please call 0117 924 4592 or email for further information or to book an appointment.

Fractional Radiofrequency Skin Resurfacing | Quinn Clinics
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Fractional Radiofrequency Skin Resurfacing | Quinn Clinics
Video demonstration: skin resurfacing Fractional Radiofrequency treatment generates collagen for neck rejuvenation, eyes, acne scarring. In our Bristol clinic.


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About Quinn Clinics

Established in 2006 by Dr John Quinn, Quinn Clinics is Bristol’s only independent Doctor-led skin clinic registered with the CQC.

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