8% of Women DON’T Do Hair Removal

For most women, hair removal is just a fact of life. Yet there are a minority who don’t remove hair regularly. 

Back in 2014, a Mintel report on Men’s and Women’s Shaving and Hair Removal in the UK found that 8% of women had not removed hair in the past 12 months. That includes underarms (armpits) and legs, which most women would now consider essential maintenance.

Of course there are reasons for NOT wanting to remove hair. Here are a few…

  • shaving razorFirstly, it is an inconvenience – some may view it as an unnecessary hassle to have to shave in the bath or book a wax
  • Secondly, it is repetitive – as shaving/waxing/creams don’t last that long and need repeating to keep up the benefit
  • Thirdly, frequent shaving can cause skin irritation with rashes and/or ingrown hairs
  • Fourthly, stubble is actually pricklier than hair

HOWEVER, for the majority of women – over 90% – it seems the advantages of looking and feeling smooth and fuzz-free are worth the time spent doing it.

Less Hassle and Long-Lasting Results

Laser Hair Removal

For longer lasting hair removal results, more women are now choosing laser hair removal, which over a course of treatment gives a significant benefit. There’s no more daily shaving – just the occasional maintenance, leaving smoother, softer skin without the irritation of bumpy, rough stubble.

Laser Hair Removal, Bristol

Quinn Clinics’ laser hair removal centre based in Clifton, Bristol, has invested in excellent technology for laser hair removal. The company offers a choice of 2 state of the art laser hair removal systems to suit a wider variety of patient needs, depending on each patient’s unique requirements. Both were purchased new and have been fully serviced and maintained to assure high standards:

Staff are fully trained and as Quinn Clinics is a doctor owned and led business, clinical standards are very high.

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