Preference for Hair-Free Bikini Area

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A new survey has revealed exactly what amount and style of hair men prefer their partner to maintain in the pubic area.

Intimate grooming styles range between the full Hollywood at one extreme and ungroomed as nature intended at the other – and anywhere in between.

Now a survey of 4,146 18-35 year olds by has shown that most men prefer their partners to have no hair at all in the pubic area – as do most women.

What do you prefer a romantic partner’s pubic hair to look like?

Male Preferences for Partner’s Grooming

Cosmo asked men what they would like to see in their partner’s pubic area grooming habits.

  1. 46% of men preferred a bare look – no hair at all
  2. 30% preferred a trimmed look
  3. 12% preferred a landing strip
  4. 6% preferred natural/ungroomed ‘full bush’
  5. 6% chose ‘other’

Results showed that those aged 18-25 were more likely to prefer a hair-free pubic area (62% vs 49%).

How do you groom your pubic hair?

Female Preferences for Grooming

The survey also showed that women’s preferences for their own pubic hair maintenance were close to those of the men questioned:

  1. 57% bare
  2. 25% trimmed
  3. 7% landing strip
  4. 6% natural
  5. 5% other

So what happens when preferences don’t match?

According to the survey, 40% of men had asked their partner to change their grooming habits, while 30% said they would reconsider dating a partner if they didn’t like their pubic hairstyle.

Women were perhaps a little more forgiving but 23% had asked a partner to change their grooming habits and 19% said they would reconsider dating a partner if they didn’t like their pubic hairstyle.

It is worth noting that the survey was carried out in USA – we wonder what the results would be like in the UK?

Bikini Line Treatments

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