Keeping Lip Filler Beautiful Not Overdone

Focal Point of the Face

lip fillerThe lips are the focal point of the face and an alluring, attractive and sensual feature. 

Most women want to make the most of their lips and the market for lip balm and lipstick is enormous; but these do not really tackle the fundamental shape and volume of the lips.

Nowadays, lip enhancement is one of the most popular and sought after treatments – especially in the run up to Christmas when we want to look our best.

Full, healthy and shapely lips are in vogue and many of the celebrities who have a ‘desirable’ lip profile are thought to have had some cosmetic assistance in the form of lip fillers.

Yet there are still many women who would like to achieve these plumper, more youthful, shapely and symmetrical lips, who would not dare have treatment with lip enhancement fillers as they are frightened of looking overdone or fake.

Keeping Lip Filler Beautiful Not Overdone

Dr John Quinn has carried out lip filler for over a decade and his trademark is to deliver a subtle, beautiful look which is neither overdone nor fake looking.

Key points to this are:

  1. Don’t just pump up the volume – the trout pout effect is generally a result of too much and/or poorly placed filler. Lip filler is an artform – a good practitioner can carefully shape the lips, addressing asymmetry, lines or thinness
  2. Choose the right filler – rather than a general dermal filler, Dr Quinn uses lip fillers specially formulated for lip contouring and enhancement
  3. Complementary treatments – should be considered for a more holistic and natural result
    1. Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing can tackle pigmentation and/or fine textural lines
    2. Peels can help to improve fine lines and condition of the skin
    3. BOTOX can help to address downturned mouth, gummy smile
  4. Lip hydration – certain formulations of lip filler are particularly helpful for retaining moisture and hydration – a great extra benefit in the winter, when lips are prone to drying out
  5. Consider the lips within the context of the whole face – never just in isolation. Consider how treated lips will look within an untreated face – treating other areas could make a more natural and thorough overall result

Lip Fillers Without Makeup

Finally, one of the more surprising benefits of lip treatment is that lips that have been properly and expertly treated will look so much better without makeup as well as with. Well done lips will have a good shape and proportion even without overlarge lipstick, lip liner or lip gloss.

The result is further enhanced when the condition of the lips has been improved and their context within the face as a whole considered with some accompanying work to address the condition of the skin around the lip area. This is when lips look both beautiful and natural.

Read more about lip enhancement fillers.

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Keeping Lip Filler Beautiful Not Overdone
Article Name
Keeping Lip Filler Beautiful Not Overdone
Many women would like to improve their lips but fear looking overdone. How lip enhancement fillers can be considered for a beautiful, natural, not fake, look.
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Quinn Clinics, Bristol
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