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Summer Heatwaves, BOTOX and Fillers

sun exposure skinSun Exposure and Cosmetic Injections

With temperatures in the 30’s this week, what are the implications for those having cosmetic injections?

BOTOX® Injections

The sun itself will not affect the results of BOTOX®. However, sun or heat exposure can increase the risk of localised bruising. There is also a risk of ‘sweating out’ some of the injectable product, so that there is less of an effect.

Sun exposure and intense heat are best avoided for 24 hours after treatment in order to allow the Botulinum Toxin to take effect at normal temperature and the skin to recover from the tiny injections.

Dermal Fillers

Again, it is generally best to avoid sun or heat exposure for 24 hours after dermal filler injections. Although with dermal fillers the final result is visible practically straightaway, it is sensible to allow the skin to settle and ‘treat it kindly’ to allow any swelling to subside and avoid risk of bruising.

Sun Exposure

Remember that sun exposure causes sun damage, which can involve a range of issues such as wrinkles and pigmentation, leaving skin looking tired and lacklustre.

Those aspiring to mahogany tans often find in later years that they look older than those who’d avoided the sun. In the months following treatment, patients should try to adopt a healthy attitude to the sun – wearing a high SPF product daily, covering up and avoiding the sun altogether at peak times. In Hollywood, pale faces are becoming more the vogue as stars look to protect their skin and age well (who’s to know whether that’s with or without the help of treatments!).


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