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Winter Sweating Treatment

Excessive sweatingIt’s winter. The temperatures are in single figures. But if you’re one of the many who still find themselves sweating uncomfortably, with damp armpits spoiling your clothing, then you may have a condition known as hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. 

This is a surprisingly common problem, yet it is something which can cause extreme embarrassment. Sufferers feel frustrated that seemingly no amount of antiperspirant product – even the ‘extra strength’ varieties – seems able to stop the problem.

Excessive sweating can have a serious impact on the sufferer’s daily life, causing confidence issues.

Worrying about whether it’s noticeable doesn’t help and stressful situations or hot temperatures will naturally make it even worse, triggering the body’s sweat responses.

Hyperhidrosis can therefore also be an issue for those in professional life or public facing roles. Damp, sweaty armpits are seen as unappealing and offensive.

Some people wear sweat guards and others simply change and shower more frequently. Now, sweat reduction treatment offers another approach.

Excessive Sweating Injections

Botox Injections into the armpit are a surprisingly fast and effective solution to excessive sweating.

A series of injections is delivered into the affected area, where the botulinum toxin works to suppress the nerves that control the sweat glands from working. This means that sweating in the area dries up very quickly. It isn’t a permanent solution and treatment is generally repeated after 4-12 months to maintain the benefit. However, some sufferers have reported that the treatment seems to break the cycle of excessive sweating.

This treatment must be carried out by a skilled and experienced Doctor.

Dr John Quinn at Quinn Clinics offers the treatment at his two clinics based in Clifton (Bristol) and Blackheath/Greenwich (London).


Quinn Clinics was established in 2006 and offers a full range of cosmetic, medical and laser skin treatments.

As well as anti-ageing injections performed by the clinic’s owner and founder, Dr John Quinn, the clinic can offer the latest laser technology including IPL laser and CO2 fractional laser and radio-frequency treatment.

Please call 0117 924 4592 or email info@quinnclinics.co.uk for further information or to book an appointment.

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