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Daily Mail Features Radara Rejuvenating Patches

radara patchesNew Radara rejuvenating skin treatment patches have been featured in the Daily Mail. 

The feature brings the innovative skin treatment to wider attention as a new treatment option for the delicate eye area; including crow’s feet, dark circles, eye bags and loose skin.

Radara patches are specifically designed for home use. The patches are covered with tiny spikes which use the principle of creating microchannels in the skin. The process of channelling is similar to microneedling and helps to stimulate the body to produce more collagen for plumper skin.

However, the channels also deliver hyaluronic acid serum to the normally impenetrable deeper layers of the skin, where it can be more useful.

The Daily Mail feature was entitled:

Say goodbye to botox and serums: The makers of these spike-covered eyepatches claim they can make your crow’s feet vanish

Daily Mail’s writer tested the patches at home, saying:

“…using the patches is straightforward. They go on in the evening, after cleansing. You peel the backing off the patch and press it, needle-side down, to the outer edge of each eye for a few seconds, to create the microchannels.

“You then remove the patches and put them to one side while you smooth on the serum, before finally reapplying. They don’t slip off, so you can walk around.

“While you can feel the needles – if you press hard when applying them – it’s not painful. It feels like a strip of Velcro. After five minutes you discard the patches and wipe off any remaining serum.

“So, did it work for me? I had to wait a patience-testing four weeks before I noticed any improvement.

“But there was a definite difference that continued for a couple of weeks. My skin felt plumper, my under-eye shadows less obvious and I found myself wearing less make-up without thinking about it. A couple of friends remarked that I looked well.”

Radara Availability

As a new product, availability of Radara in the UK is restricted to a handful of clinics.

Quinn Clinics based in Bristol and London is the only clinic in the South West and one of only 5 in London according to www.radara.co.uk.

Treatment costs £220 for a supply of home-use patches and serum.


Quinn Clinics was established in 2006 and offers a full range of cosmetic, medical and laser skin treatments at its two clinics.

As well as anti-ageing cosmetic injections performed by the clinic’s owner and founder, Dr John Quinn, the clinic can offer the latest laser technology including IPL, laser, CO2 fractional laser and radiofrequency treatment.


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