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Cut Alcohol for Better Skin

champagne glassesAhead of Alcohol Concern’s Dry January (and also Cancer Research UK’s Dryathlon in the same month), The Daily Mail featured an article about the effects of alcohol on the skin, headlined:

Giving up booze for new year is better than Botox!

It banishes wrinkles and gets your youthful glow back in DAYS

The journalist shared her experience of going ‘dry’ in 2014 and sticking with it, saying:

Within days, the compliments will start rolling in, big time. It’s not an exaggeration to say that nothing will ever have made your face and body look more fantastic. Within days, your skin will become more hydrated, less blotchy. By two weeks, your eyes will be brighter, cheekbones sharper. By the end of the month, not only will your face have lost its booze bloat, even your nails will be stronger. In six weeks – should you manage to prolong the agony – you may have lost a stone and a half, and discovered that it’s not such an agony after all.

Alcohol can cause a range of skin complaints and issues. The high sugar content is one issue, which causes skin cells and tissues to ‘age faster’ through higher levels of insulin, changes in the DNA and tissue oxidisation. This can cause free radical damage, reduce cell proliferation and slow down collagen production; the combination of which makes skin look less youthful and healthy. Alcohol also dehydrates the body and skin and in women, creates higher testosterone levels, which can lead to spots and a more masculine appearance, with a wide waist, bloated face, thin legs and even hair loss.

Skin Treatments

If your skin is looking tired and ravaged after Christmas indulgences, then there are a range of skin treatments that can help to improve the appearance of your skin. Botox is a popular choice to smooth out lines and wrinkles, while dermal fillers can be used to sculpt a more flattering facial features with fuller lips, higher cheekbones and fewer deep lines.

However, stopping drinking is still to be recommended as it will make the skin look even better and enhance the results of any skin treatments by helping your skin to look healthier from within.

Dry January and the Dryathlon are expected to see thousands of Brits participate to raise money. In doing so, they may well discover better skin and lose a few pounds too over the month. If you can’t cut alcohol, then taking a break like this is a good way of allowing the body to recover and learning to drink less.

Quinn Clinics

Quinn Clinics was established in 2006 and offers a full range of cosmetic, medical and laser skin treatments at its two clinics.

As well as anti-ageing cosmetic injections performed by the clinic’s owner and founder, Dr John Quinn, the clinic can offer the latest laser technology including IPL, laser, CO2 fractional laser and radiofrequency treatment.


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