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Acne Treatment Options

skin diagramAcne is a very difficult skin condition which can affect patients not only in their teens, but for some unlucky people well into adulthood and even throughout their adult lives. 

Acne is generally caused when tiny holes in the skin, known as hair follicles, produce too excess sebum and become blocked with dead skin cells and oil. Plugged follicles then develop into whiteheads or blackheads which can become contaminated and infected, creating large, red and noticeable papules, pustules, nodules or cysts

However, for sufferers of acne, no amount of washing seems to entirely resolve the problem. In fact, frequent washing can even make the problem worse.

Treatment for acne depends on how severe it is. It can take several months of treatment before acne symptoms improve.

Self help acne treatment

General advice for sufferers of includes:

  • Wash no more than twice a day, using mild soap or cleanser and lukewarm water
  • Don’t try to clean out blackheads or squeeze spots
  • Avoid using too much make-up and completely remove all traces of cosmetics before going to bed
  • Choose water-based non-comedogenic skincare products
  • Exercise regularly to boost your mood and self-esteem, but shower as soon as possible to remove sweat

Prescription acne treatments

Prescription medications that may be used to treat acne include:

  • topical retinoids
  • topical antibiotics
  • azelaic acid
  • antibiotic tablets
  • in women, the combined oral contraceptive pill
  • isotretinoin tablets

The NHS website lists a series of prescription and OTC (over the counter) medicines http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Acne/Pages/Treatmentoptions.aspx.

Advanced skin treatments

Professional treatments are available which can be helpful.

  • Microdermabrasion is a professional treatment which provides intensive exfoliation
  • Dermaroller works to stimulate the skin’s own healing system and boost collagen production
  • IPL for acne rosacea shows good results

It is important to treat acne early and effectively in order to avoid scarring, which can leave a permanent mark.



Quinn Clinics was established in 2006 and offers a full range of cosmetic, medical and laser skin treatments.

The clinic’s owner and founder, Dr John Quinn , is also a practising GP and highly qualified in dermatology. He is well placed to advise on any aspect of acne treatment using aesthetic treatments and advanced skin technology on its own or alongside conventional treatments.

Quinn Clinics has two locations based in Clifton (Bristol) and Blackheath/Greenwich (London)

Please call 0117 924 4592 or email info@quinnclinics.co.uk for further information or to book an appointment.

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