Dermaroller – Home vs Professional Treatment

genuine dermarollerDermaroller is one of the most versatile skin treatments in the UK today. 


Dermaroller treatment is also known as ‘micro-needling’, a process which involves rolling the specially designed instrument over the skin to create a series of tiny little pricks. The Dermaroller or micro-needling device is made up of a barrel with numerous pins on the surface which serve to create multiple tiny and minor wounds. The act of wounding the skin kick-starts its repair processes for a series of benefits:

  • skin tightening
  • collagen production
  • cell renewal

Home vs Professional

Once the preserve of aesthetic physicians, Dermaroller (or other similar systems) is now available for use at home. So what’s the difference between home and professional treatment? The main difference between medical and home care Dermarollers is the needle size. The Genuine professional Dermaroller device has longer needles, which means that it can access deeper ski layers to induce collagen production. This means that it can be used for more intensive treatments, such as reducing the appearance of scars or stretch marks. By comparison, the needles of the Home Care Dermaroller are very short, not more than 0.2 mm. The Home Care Dermaroller serves the following purposes:

  1. To enhance the penetration of skin creams and serums into the skin
  2. To enhance and support results between professional Dermaroller treatments by stimulating epidermal cells for faster epidermis renewal and thicker epidermal cell layers

The Home Care Dermaroller cannot achieve the same results as professional treatment, but is a useful addition to the home skincare regime.

Professional Dermaroller Treatment

Choosing a Genuine Dermaroller treatment with a trained professional has a series of additional benefits:

  1. Trained expert
  2. Genuine Dermaroller device with titanium needles and sterile
  3. More intensive treatment with deeper penetration
  4. Skilful and even application of the roller, with focus on specific areas as required
  5. Use of local anaesthetic cream where necessary (e.g. for intensive deep tissue treatments, such as tummy tightening)

Genuine Dermaroller, London, Bristol

Quinn Clinics in Bristol are already offering genuine Dermaroller® treatment in their Clifton clinic. Dermaroller sessions cost from £300.

The initial consultation with Dr John Quinn for cosmetic or medical skin treatments is £30.

Quinn Clinics is a CQC registered clinic established by Dr John Quinn.

Please call 0117 924 4592 or email for further information or to book an appointment.

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