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Lip Fillers – Shape More Important than Size

lip enhancementLip enhancement fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available today with many women and men turning to them for a fuller and more youthful lip shape.

Certainly lip fillers are an extremely effective treatment with almost-immediate results in boosting lip volume.

Fuller lips are a sensual and attractive feature. By comparison, thin lips or lips with smoker’s lines or wrinkles can look quite unappealing.

Lip Filler Shapes

As with many things, the key to successful lip enhancement treatment is in the practitioner’s skill. It is important to focus on the end result and shape. Any eagerness to pack the lips full of injectable is misguided and could result in an “overdone” pillow-lips look, or the infamous “trout pout” with over-full, permanently pursed lips.

For natural, beautiful, fuller looking lips, choose an experienced aesthetic medicine practitioner who has artistry as well as medical qualifications. When lips go too large, they start to lose shape.

Lip Proportion

For a good result, it is important to consider lip proportion. As a general rule, the lower lip should be one and a half times the size of the upper lip. This keeps an appropriate balance avoiding a pouty look. It also allows for the elimination of any ageing lines (particularly prevalent in smokers)

Good Advice from Qualified Professionals

An experienced lip filler doctor will be able to give qualified advice on the best approach, finding the right balance between fuller lips and over-full lips.

Remember, a top-up treatment can always add more if necessary, so new lip filler patients can be confident in proceeding with caution.

Private Consultation

To learn more about lip fillers, Bristol-based patients can arrange a consultation with Clifton Doctor John Quinn.

Call 0117 924 4592 for an appointment at Quinn Clinics,  or email info@quinnclinics.co.uk for further information.

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