Bristol Botox and Fillers Treatment Review

botox reviewsThis review comes from one of our Bristol patients. We couldn’t put it better ourselves!

Thank you to the patient for allowing us to reproduce the review completely unedited, exactly as per the email received. 

“John Quinn is a true professional and an intuitive and skilled practitioner who acts with sensitivity and integrity at all times. I also find it very reassuring that, as well as being a qualified Doctor, John constantly updates his knowledge of new products and techniques, and is utterly dedicated to being one of the best, if not the best, in his field.”

“Over the last 4 years, I have seen him for various treatments, including Botox and Dermal Fillers to the cheeks and around the lips, and have always had the most natural and pleasing results.”

“In respect of the Botox treatments, I especially like the fact that I can still move my eye brows up and down, and do a little frown, but appear wrinkle/furrow free the rest of the time.”

“I was unfortunate enough to have had a really distressing Botox treatment at another Bristol clinic in the past which had left me completely frozen (despite having explained to the doctor concerned that I wanted to be able to move brows and frown). John is so expert with his use of Botox however, that I have never been anything less than completely delighted with the results.”

“John takes his time to assess you as an individual, listens to and respects the client and seems to just understand exactly the overall results that you require. He then has the reliable and faultless skill to help you achieve those results. His integrity is such that he has even discouraged me from any treatment he doesn’t feel  I need, or need ‘yet’. He has also gently recommended one or two treatments which I wouldn’t have thought of having, but has been absolutely right about the subtle effect this has had on my appearance, and I have been delighted with the results (recently this was filler around the edge of my lips, which feels and looks completely natural, has given me back my lips from 10 years ago, and has erased all those little age lines around my mouth. Fantastic!).”

“John always explains each treatment very carefully, and any possible slight signs which may appear afterwards, although I have to say I have actually never bruised or had any swelling from any of the treatments I have received in his capable hands. After care is excellent, and should you have any questions, they are answered straight away.”

“In John Quinn’s care, I feel reassured and safe, and also feel I am gently refreshing my appearance year on year in a natural and subtle way. None of my friends or family have ever questioned whether I have any help with my appearance, and only ever comment on how well I look!”

“Q clinics is a lovely place to visit, and John is always friendly, relaxed and professional, as are all of the staff. I thoroughly enjoy my visits, and the results of the treatments I have received have made me feel happy and confident, and empowered in the knowledge that I am doing something positive for myself and my appearance, and that with John’s expert help, I can hold back the years.”

“I also feel that John likes nothing more than to see how happy and confident his treatments make people feel, and genuinely enjoys being a part of the realisation of the rejuvenated new you!”

“I can’t recommend Q clinics and Doctor John Quinn highly enough, and I am so grateful to have found someone who I can trust so completely.”

Thank you to all at Q clinics!

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