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Advanced Anti-Ageing Skin Technology

skin treatment technologyThe latest advances in skin treatment technology mean that patients can choose a variety of effective options that achieve remarkable anti-ageing results with nothing being injected into the skin. 

With over a million non-surgical skin treatments performed each year in the UK, the market remains buoyant despite the recession. However, while traditional injectable options such as wrinkle-relaxing injections and facial fillers remain the most popular; there is a new breed of treatments using advanced anti-ageing technology that actually work to improve the condition of the skin itself.

Dr Quinn explains:

“Cosmetic injections are a wonderful way of ‘trouble-shooting’ the most obvious signs of ageing, tackling wrinkles and creases with remarkable results. They are popular simply because they work so well.”

“However, the latest advances in skin care technology mean that we are able to offer new options that work to improve the health, structure and appearance of the skin itself by stimulating the skin’s own renewal and healing processes for a firmer, clearer complexion with fewer fine lines.”

Quinn Clinics in Bristol and London offer the very latest options, including IPL or ‘Intense Pulsed Light’ treatment (a form of laser), Radiofrequency and CO2 fractional laser. These offer firmer, tighter, clearer skin and promote cell renewal and healing from within.


Quinn Clinics offer a full range of cosmetic, medical and laser skin treatments, including popular Botox and dermal fillers to tackle lines and wrinkles.

Please call 0117 924 4592 or email info@quinnclinics.co.uk for further information or to book an appointment.


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