How We Age – Are Genes or Lifestyle More Important?

Cosmetic treatmentsNature or nurture is a debate that applies from birth… Who do you look like, who do you get your brains from, or sportiness, or gift for languages… 

Looking at your mother can also be an indication of how you will age too. As the saying goes,

‘If you want to know what your wife will look like in 30 years, look at her mother’.

Certainly inherited factors are a factor in influencing or predicting how you will age. Bone structure is key – if your mother is blessed with a strong chin, jawline and cheekbones and you have inherited that basic face shape, then that positions you well for ageing, as the facial structure is key to supporting the skin and a strong shape will keep skin looking younger by literally holding everything up for longer.

Equally those whose mothers had jowls, eye bags and sunken cheeks may inherit the same tendency if they have the same facial bone structure.

Yet whatever genes you are given, how you look after your skin is more important in influencing how you age. Factors such as:

  • smoking
  • poor diet
  • lack of exercise
  • exposure to the sun
  • stress

These can age the skin; yet good lifestyle with no smoking, minimal alcohol, sensible exercise, stress management and most importantly avoiding the sun (or using good sun protection) are highly beneficial in keeping the skin supple and line-free for longer.

Whatever nature has given you and however you’ve looked after your skin, there are also professional treatments that can help to turn back the clock.

Botox injections and dermal fillers are very popular and a well-known way of smoothing out wrinkles and creases. Yet there are a host of other options that work on the condition of the skin, tackling signs of sun-exposure ageing such as thread veins or hyperpigmentation for a clearer and more youthful skin. Options include IPL laser, CO2 fractional laser, Dermaroller micro-needling or chemical peels.

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Dr Quinn is a qualified aesthetic doctor with specific expertise in fillers and botox®.

Quinn Clinics offer a full range of cosmetic, medical and laser skin treatments, including popular Botox and dermal fillers to tackle lines and wrinkles as well as IPL facial laser and CO2 and radio-frequency treatment.

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