3 Reasons Why Winter is a Great Time for Laser Hair Removal

Lumenis hair removalInterest in laser hair removal naturally tends to increase as we approach the summer. 

The thought of wearing strappy dresses and even, dare we say it, bikinis; prompts many people to think of permanent hair removal solutions to avoid the daily grind of shaving or the unsightly stubble between waxing sessions.

However, autumn and winter are actually a great time to embark on laser hair removal.

3 Reasons Why the Winter is Good for Laser Hair Removal

  1. After laser hair removal, the skin is sensitive and needs extra sun protection. However, in the winter months, popular areas such as the legs and underarms tend to be kept under wraps anyway, so there’s no need to worry about sun protection.
  2. The winter is ideal for a course of facial laser hair removal (e.g. for the top lip). Laser hair removal works when the laser picks out a dark hair against pale skin to blitz the follicle. In the winter, facial hair is not bleached by the sun, and skin is less tanned. This creates a better contrast so that the laser can work efficiently. And again, there’s less concern about sunburn on delicate skin.
  3. Laser hair removal needs a course of treatment for best results. This is due to the fact that the laser targets hairs in the active growth cycle, but will not treat dormant follicles. Therefore patients normally return for a course of 6 treatments spread 4 weeks apart so that all follicles are lasered, preventing the hair from regrowing. Start now and you’ll be ready for the spring!

Laser Hair Removal, Bristol

Quinn Clinics in Clifton, Bristol offer state of the art laser hair removal. Before any treatment, they offer a consultation and skin test free of charge to enable patients to experience the feel of the treatment and the results before committing to a course.

It also enables the laser practitioner to assess your skin type and calculate the correct setting for safe, effective results.

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