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No Sweat… The Powerful Anti-Embarrassment Injections

Excessive sweatingLet’s face it, those wet patches that can appear on clothing under the arms are embarrassing for all concerned.  Yet a great many people suffer from excessive sweating from time to time. What’s more, for some people, the problem can strike in any weather and at any time of year.

We all know that sweating is a natural bodily function. It’s how your body cools itself down and maintains a correct temperature.That’s why we sweat more on warm days, in over-heated rooms or while exercising.

However, sweating can also be a response to stress or pressure. Those in a work environment will know the tell-tale signs of a stressful meeting can quite often be seen on someone’s shirt.

For those that suffer from “hyperhidrosis”, or excessive sweating, the problem can occur without any particular reason. Sufferers find that their clothing is quite often damp even on cooler days.

Added stress can make the condition even worse. The fear of an interview can be made even worse by concern about whether sweating will be noticeable. Big occasion? Even A-listers have been spotted with underarm circles on their designer dresses.

Where excessive sweating causes regular embarrassment, then perhaps it’s time to seek a solution.

Excessive Sweating Injection Treatment

Effective sweat reduction treatment is available which can solve the problem of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis.

Treatment involves a series of tiny botox injections into the armpit and underarm area. Treatment is quick to work – the perspiration often starts to dry up on the same day and relief lasts for some months, after which treatment can be repeated if required.

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Botox anti-sweating injections are available at Quinn Clinics in Bristol, with a 2nd clinic shortly to open in London. All botox and excessive sweating treatments are carried out by skilled and experienced Dr John Quinn.

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