Laser Help for PCOS Body and Facial Hair

Lumenis LightsheerPolycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) has a great many unpleasant symptoms. One of the most visible is that of unwanted excess facial or body hair.

PCOS  is a complex hormonal condition, affecting approximately one in 10 women in the UK. The causes are not completely understood, although it is believed to be an inherited condition.

Women with polycystic ovaries may also have acne, problems with menstrual periods, trouble losing weight, sleep apnoea, fertility problems and diabetes.

PCOS may be diagnosed when 2 or more of the following occur (after ruling out other potential causes)

  1. Irregular periods or no periods at all
  2. Signs of higher than normal levels of androgen (sometimes called the ‘male hormone’) e.g. oily skin, acne, excessive face/body hair, thinning hair on the crown. Blood tests can check androgen levels and rule out other conditions
  3. Polycystic ovaries are detected on an ultrasound scan.

Dealing with Unwanted Hair

Any facial or bodily hair that is causing embarrassment or inconvenience could be viewed as a problem and the excessive facial or body hair can be very difficult for the patients.

Due to the growth rate of unwanted hair, temporary hair removal solutions such as waxing, shaving or creams may be quite unsatisfactory. Long-lasting removal of the excessive or unwanted hair is a very popular option and laser hair removal has excellent results.

Laser hair removal is the gold-standard treatment for unwanted or excessive hair and gives permanent results as the laser actually destroys the follicles, preventing regrowth.

Among laser and light-based devices, the Lumenis LightSheer Diode Laser Systems are clinically proven and highly regarded for providing safety, superior results and patient satisfaction.

Laser Hair Removal Bristol

The Lumenis LightSheer is available at Quinn Clinics in Bristol.

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