Treat your Underarms This Summer!

Treat your underarms this summer!Our poor underarms, how we do neglect them… Yet every summer we peel off the layers and pop on a vest or bikini top and hope that months and months of neglect won’t show. 

This summer, invest a little time in planning for “pretty pits” that you can be proud to display on holiday.

Let’s be honest, the underarm area is not in itself attractive, so in making the most of it, there are a couple of major problems to tackle first.

  1. Hair removal – NOT going for the continental look – the British way is smooth and hair free
  2. Tackling sweat – guarding against embarrassing odour and wet patches

Hair Removal Options

There are a number of options available to deal with unwanted underarm hair.

Shaving remains the most commonly used. However, it can become a daily chore and additionally cause rashes, so more and more people are looking for longer lasting results.

A survey by Consulting Room in 2004 revealed that waxing is now the 2nd most popular form of hair removal in the UK, offering longer lasting benefits. However, the cost can add up as treatments need to be repeated.

The best long-term way of dealing with unwanted hair is laser hair removal, which over a course of treatment can permanently remove up to 95% of hair in the targeted area.

No Sweat!

The other tricky problem is that of sweating, with the potential for embarrassing wet patches as well as unpleasant odour.

Despite a bewildering array of anti-perspirants and deoderants, there are many people who find that they still do not solve the problem. This may also be known as “hyperhidrosis“.

Sweat reduction treatment, or excessive sweating injections deal with sweating at the root of the problem, by stopping the nerves that trigger sweat production.

Underarm Treatments in Bristol

Both laser hair removal and excessive sweating injections are available at Quinn Clinics in Bristol.

Owned and managed by Dr John Quinn, patients can be confident of excellent results in a CQC registered clinic.

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