Diary of a CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment

Quinn Clinics new CO2 fractional laser technology promises immediately visible results that continue to improve over a few weeks.

The advanced Candela CO2RE machine stimulates accelerated collagen production and is recommended for a host of treatments, including sun damage and acne, as well as lines, wrinkles, saggy skin and signs of ageing.

It is an intensive treatment, but one that gives impressive results.

One patient agreed to share their diary of treatment. Here it is, in their own words:

Day 1

My procedure begins approximately half an hour after a local anaesthetic cream is thickly smeared over my cleansed face.

I am gently ushered into the treatment room and lie down on the couch, whereupon John places metal glasses over my eyes to protect them from the laser beam. Naturally I was anxious and aware that this is an invasive procedure so I had prepared myself mentally to feel pain.

Fortunately the first “zizz” on my forehead barely registered discomfort on the pain scale. However, as the laser covered more of my face, particularly when the setting was changed to penetrate further, the pain began to kick in, seeming to have a cumulative effect. It is not unbearable, but it is far from pleasant.

It is over quite quickly, I doubt it took more than fifteen minutes to cover my face – and then you realise your face feels extremely hot, burnt and taut. Indeed as though your face has been pricked by a million tiny burning needles, which effectively it has. Fortunately, a cooling fan is immediately applied to the area, which feels hugely comforting.

Allow up to an hour to rest with the cooling fan before needing to leave the surgery, and allow John or a member of staff to put moisturiser on your face as soon as you can bear it, as your skin is raw and needs this nourishment as quickly as possible, and in copious amounts over the next few days. I had arranged for a dear friend to drive me home and was glad I had as all I wanted to do was rest and keep my face cool. I felt a bit shaky, as though I had severe sunburn. I took some Ibuprofen and an anti-histamine and continued to smear Vaseline all over my sore face, until I fell into a light sleep. I woke up and re-applied moisturiser twice and drank lots of water throughout the night.

Day 2

I wake up and I can barely move my mouth and my face is stretched and a raw red mess. I gently wash with a little white vinegar and tepid water, and smear yet more moisturiser over my rough, scaly face.

By the evening the redness has changed. I can now clearly see the millions of needle marks all over my face. It is still dry and would potentially scare young children. I take another Ibuprofen and thickly smear on moisturiser and retreat to bed.

Day 3

My red, scaly face peers back at me in the mirror. It is still sore and I am beginning to think it is going to take months to recover and feel disheartened.

I have my morning face wash and small areas of my face start to appear as the laser dots of dead skin begin to loosen and fall off/wash off my face. It is hopeful….more moisturiser and my face feels slightly less taut than it had the day before and less red. Unfortunately I could actually see spots beginning to break out, on top of everything else, as a result of all the gloop my skin needed to moisturise.

That evening, a girlfriend comes for supper and brings her children. I put a little foundation on to mask how awful I look. I don’t think it was too successful!

Day 4

What a difference a day makes!

I’ve almost got my face back! I had a shower and used a very gentle exfoliator and a rather pink, fresh-faced in parts face stared back at me from the mirror! The skin still feels dry, but I’m human. It’s incredible how quickly I have gone from utterly wretched looking to being able to rush into Tesco once more.

Day 5

The redness has gone, the spots are diminishing and I am able to face the world. I still have some dry skin areas and can see I have some healing still to do but WOW!

My skin is smoother, the wrinkles have diminished, a childhood scar just under my nose virtually invisible and my smoker’s lines are almost completely gone.

I have a pale face, the years of sun damage and uneven pigmentation are gone. I will have to use Factor 50 from now on, but I really am delighted with the result. The expression – ‘no pain, no gain’ springs to mind……and in this case, the gains are truly worth that pain.

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