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Cutting Edge Treatment – Quinntessential Medical Facials

quinntessential-facial-logoThe Quinntessential Medical Facial treatment is a new, unique skin refresh that’s totally unique to Quinn Clinics in Bristol.

Requiring no recovery time at all, the treatment is suitable for almost anyone, which could be a clue as to why it’s so popular.

Quinntessential Facials combine various methods in order to give the skin full, comprehensive treatment and rejuvenate it in the most effective ways.

  1. Firstly, the skin is gently cleansed and a pre-procedure preparatory lotion is applied
  2. Next, two layers of vitamin C fruit acid peel are applied, with a short break in between to allow the first coat to cool and dry before the second coat is applied. The peel is activated by the application of wet gauze and water.
  3. Next in the Quinntessential Facial comes two passes of medical microdermabrasion, using a Dermgenesis machine. This involves spraying sterile crystals over the face and using suction to remove them immediately afterwards. This aids the process of facial rejuvenation, and prepares the skin for the final stage.
  4. To finish the treatment, medical grade cosmeceutical skin care is applied. This will sooth the skin and reduce any minor redness that may be leftover from the process.

At just £80, Quinntessential Medical Facials are a surprisingly affordable, non-invasive alternative to facelifts that prove to be highly effective without any of the stress and risk. With no side effects beyond mild redness that may last an hour or two, the facials are a relaxing treatment that require zero recovery time. They are also perfect for those that prefer to encourage the best possible complexion without resorting to needles.

Available exclusively at Quinn Clinics in Bristol, freshen up for summer with some spring cleaning for your skin – this simple, unique treatment will have you looking better than ever.

Consultation appointments with Dr John Quinn are free, so contact us on info@quinnclinics.co.uk or 0117 924 4592 to arrange your appointment.

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