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Have you considered Sculptra Deep Fillers?

SculptraSculptra deep fillers are a form of dermal filler that can be used to impart volume to the face in places where facial collagen might have been lost over time.

Sculptra is composed of poly-l-lactic acid, which has been used in medicine safely for over 25 years, often in the treatment of facial scarring.

The number of applications for Sculptra deep fillers is extensive; they can be used to sculpt your face so that it looks the way you want it to, as well as to hide and reduce many of the common signs of ageing.

Giving your face more volume will reduce the number of visible wrinkles and folds on your face, as well as getting rid of some of those deeper lines, too. Hollow areas that emerge as we age will be padded out, and Sculptra deep fillers can even be used to give extra definition to cheekbones. They can also be used to reduce signs of jowls.

Sculptra deep filler treatment is a surprisingly simple and painless process. Anaesthetic creams make the treatment itself completely painless, and the patient can expect to go back to their usual daily routines immediately afterwards. The treatment should usually be repeated twice or more, but the results are long-lasting: your Sculptra deep fillers will keep their volume for around two years, and the results should be noticeable soon after the treatment takes place.

If the concept of Sculptra deep fillers appeals to you, then you’re in luck: they’re available with Dr John Quinn at the well-established Quinn Clinics in Bristol, which offers this treatment along with many other cosmetic procedures.

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